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As a melting pot of talent, our story began as separate stories before the chance the meeting of our band leader and singer, Faye Weston and our multi-instrumentalist Matt Lai.

Faye’s Story

By the young age of 10, Faye already knew that she would become a singer and from that early age, became involved in numerous variety performances, productions and local events including open mic and jam nights. Following her passions, after gaining a diploma from the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance, inspired by the pop giants at the time, Adele and Christina Aguilera, Faye crafted her own unique blend of pop-driven soul, establishing her clear, easy-going yet strong vocal tonal qualities.

With a keen ear on current hits and an appreciation for the classics, a grand finalist in the UK national Open Mic competition, Faye has performed in numerous prestigious venues and fronts the acoustic sensation, Faye & Co.

A New Hope

Fast forward a year, Faye continued exploring her singing aspirations, making head-way in the national competition Open Mic UK. Through a chance meeting between Matt and Faye's father Del, wanting another edge to take on regional finals prompted the idea of bringing Matt on board, who evolved his playing and invented his unique method of acoustic guitar strumming, beat-strumming. Matt’s harder-edge acoustic playing complimented Faye's vocal talent, leading them to play at Birminghams NEC national final as Faye & Co. Mark II.

The Dawn of Faye & Co.

Consequently, Faye & Co. Mark II established a new core and remained a fluid band of talents including Ronnie Scott's regular Dom Metz joining as multi-musician talent on bass-guitar, cajon and backing vocals.

Faye & Co.

As a two-piece Faye & Co. continues to act as a flexible acoustic pop and soul band catering for private and public events from intimate performances.

Matt’s Story

As recent residents to the London Borough of Ealing, York friends Matt and Gideon Letch decided to try out a new location for their drink-ups, the Black Horse in Greenford. What began as an evening’s moan of failed attempts to find other like-minded music talents within the area, their biggest find would be a flyer detailing a jam night at that very pub. A week later, armed with their instruments of choice, they made their first appearance to ‘rock the joint’.

Though through their Irish trad connections at the time, Matt the classically trained cellist and pianist turned progressive metal rock guitarist, and Gideon the classically trained clarinettist turned death metal drummer, would continue to contribute to the local jams as acoustic instrumentalists, respectively donning an acoustic guitar and a cajon.

Musicians, Assembly!

Faye fronted the house band at the Black Horse and wanting to experiment with a laid back format, approached Matt and Gideon. After a first initial jam on Ed Sheeran's Lego House on the other side of the pub in the audience of Faye’s friends, they instantly knew that they had something special. That summer, Faye and Co. Mark I continued to play a variety of small venues and business events.

The Demise of Mark I

Unfortunately by the end of the next year Gideon had grown tiresome of London and decided to move. Coinciding the conclusion of many local jams and sessions including the jam night at the Black Horse, and Matt and Gideon’s other favourite Irish sessions, the trio looked to be at an end.

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